Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Fight Club


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, which means it’s about time to start thinking about your dinner plans.

The way we see it you have 3 choices…


  • Option 1 – You forget you read this blog and completely drop the ball on Valentine’s Day when you run to the grocery store and pick up some already wilted roses and a box of sickly sweet chocolates. Fast forward to next weekend where you spend twice what you would have spent trying to make it up to her.


  • Option 2 – You spend the afternoon calling around to all the fancy restaurants in town until you find one with some reservation availability. On Valentine’s Day you surprise your wife/girlfriend with a case of Red Bull because she’s gonna need it to stay awake for your 9:30pm reservation and some saltines to hold her over until you get your food around 10:30pm.


  • Option 3 – You take advantage of the sales on and order something she’s guaranteed to love. On Valentine’s Day you absolutely knock her socks off when she realizes that you were SO on top of V-Day that you actually planned ahead and ordered 5-Star steakhouse quality meat and a delicious Pellman Dessert for the two of you to enjoy. She stares wide-eyed and totally head over heels in love with you while you prepare the best meal she’s ever eaten right before her eyes. You dig in at a reasonable hour, and it’s freaking fantastic. To show her gratitude, she gives you an hour long back rub just before encouraging you to call up the boys and schedule a golf day. The night ends with the two of you snuggling up with a bottle of wine to watch Top Gun and Fight Club.


It’s a tough decision to make, no doubt….



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